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Poor kids. The parents think they're upgrading their childhoods when in fact, they may be short changing them.

I think a lot of my generation forgot that soda was a treat, chips were a treat, McDonald's was a treat, a movie was a treat. Treats are not sustaining physically or emotionally. That's why they are treats. Today treats have lost their status and have become standards of living. It's sad to me.

We had a boy scout troop five years ago whose leader was a special ops guy. He offered to take the boys out survival camping and show them how to shoot, etc. The boys voted instead to play Halo. And the boys were allowed to do this instead of getting any new real skills.

BTW: My kids play marbles with their Grandpa. Mr. CEO, World Traveler, Professor, multi linguist practically giggled, stretched out on our toy room floor and played marbles with Tyler for an hour at Thanksgiving. Tyler still talks about it.

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