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Today's parenting experts actually advise us (and grandparents) to ignore bad behavior. The theory is that the child is trying to get your attention/reaction and not giving it to them by ignoring it keeps you "in control." I refuse to follow that. Kids are in control by not being forced to stop the bad behavior. That poor grandmother. . . . . I would beat my child. I mean it, not the fun beatins we're always joking about.

When we are at the store and see something awful, both of my oldest two are perplexed and shocked by the behavior. Jocelyn says "dey are not making good choices!"

Homework struggle, however, is still not conquered. We have much room to improve in other areas of parenting.

I can, however, proudly say that my children are peaches (knock on wood) in public and have received many compliments at restaurants, airplanes, churches, etc.

A little old fashioned values still exist in tiny pockets out here. We're trying.

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