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There are SO many problems with any attempt to change the status quo. I feel like, as a mother of one of those kids that goes to school and has a screw loose, regardless of repercussions that something should change to help the situation. I hate that my kid, who is years ahead of most of his class disrupts and makes it impossible for the rest of them to get the teacher's attention.

Contract? Been there, done that. Until the student decided to do better and got a teacher who was willing to keep him otherwise engaged, there was nothing we, as parents, could do.

I sent you the link about the electronic monitoring of families, under the impression that it may be a good thing (Heaven knows what is happening isn't helping the victim children.) I didn't realize that Britain is all over the place on trying to get kids in control. Wow.

Gotta give it to them that they're trying to do something. I don't know that there are answers on forcing people to choose the right thing when they have no interest in choosing it. Everyone loses across the social spectrum.

Ain't modern life grand? Massive populations create unexpected dynamics and ethics, courtesy and respect have varied meanings to different people.

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