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l. koons

i like your blog. you're welcome to check out mine. theuprising@typepad.com

Bob Hankie

Sounds like many of you do not have a personal relationship with your personal savior Jesus yet. Let me share a story with you about I came to truly believe.

Three years ago 100 members of my church were on a bus travelling to a remote bible camp up in the Blue Ridge mountains. Unbeknownst to the passengers at the time, the driver was an alcoholic who couldn't stop drinking. He was continously sipping Jack Daniels from a coffee mug that day as he drove the faithful to their destination.

To make a long story short, he got so drunk that he lost control of the bus on a hairpin turn sending it hurtling off a cliff. The bus dropped 1500 feet before killing everyone except for one young survivor.

It was when we heard the terrible news of the accident and the lone survivor, that I finally knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that God and Jesus are real and have infinite mercy and love for us all.

The lone survivor was only 10 at the time and will never walk again. He now has to wear a football helmet at all times and use a drool cup. But praise Jesus, he's alive!

Everytime I see him now, it just confirms my appreciation of the love our Dear Lord hath for us. That boy is a walking testament to God's infinite mercy for mankind.

After hearing this story how can you not believe in a merciful and loving God?

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