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Stelle Courney

It was actually cool for you to be spotted driving a Mustang, more so if you are a teacher. I’m sure many of your male students were awestruck with admiration. It could actually be an effective way to get them to pay attention – drive them a sports car!

Naomi Champy

“And even though it’s a cool car, I know I don’t have to be a cool driver. I can just be me.” – Agreed! Being true to your self is already beyond cool. In my humble opinion, you and your splendid Mustang is a perfect combination! =)

Vannessa Gabbett

“I can just be me.” – That’s the best advice you can give yourself and others. It’s really about not caring too much about what others would think and impressing them. What’s important is that you do feel great about what you’re doing and what you have, like, perhaps, your ‘cool’ Mustang. ;)

Kerstin Shed

Well, I guess that’s the advantage of being married to a car enthusiast! He will definitely help you with the car choices. And having two Mustang cars in the family sounds pretty cool! The Mustang has a fairly rich history. Known as one of the original American muscle cars, they are famous for their unique built and longevity. Good thing Ford still produces these kinds of vehicles. But they put a modern twist to the newer models to adapt with the changing times.

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