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  • Choctaw Inn
    4202 S. Hwy. 69 & 75, Durant 580-931-8340
  • Holiday Inn Express
    2112 W. Main, Durant 580-924-8881
  • Markita Inn
    2401 W. Main, Durant 580-924-7676


  • Rex II
    Restored movie theater. Call 580-367-2000 for show times.
  • Indian Territory Museum and Library
    A free look into Caddo's rich heritage. Open Tues.-Sat. from 10am to 3pm
  • Craighead's
    This turn-of-the-century general store is a must see! Open: M-Th 'til 5:30 and F-Sat. 9:00-7:00.


  • Caddo Educational Foundation
    This group provides scholarships for community youth.
  • Caddo Civic and Cemetery Club
    This group maintains and improves the cemetery and provides community service as needed.
  • Town Restoration Association of Caddo
    The mission of TRAC is to provide visionary leadership, focus on historical preservation, and promote economic growth to enrich the quality of life in our community.
  • Caddo Community Association
    The CCA holds the annual Heritage Day Celebration and participates in other community projects.
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You have said out loud just those things I tried to correct when the former curator resigned, but was "shot down" by the Board of Trustees when trying to hire a curator with experience. I have discussed with members of a civic organization to which I belong about it taking over the management of the museum, but the members will only consider it if the city gives the organization full control. It looks like no one wants to work with the city on anything. Some of the members of this civic organization have indicated they would be happy to volunteer their time, but are hesitant to work with the current curator.

I believe very much in the museum and have called the state historical society about what type of help they could offer and there was classes on restoration and maintenance of artifacts. Also, grant money was more readily available since the museum is also a library.

I will do whatever I can to help. I would be happy to look into the type of grants and services are available, but I am not a grant writer. I would be happy to revisit the management of the museum with the members of the above mentioned civic organization if you think that would help.


So nice to hear some logic and reason still exists in our community. Good to know people are interested in saving this wonderful place!

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