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  • Choctaw Inn
    4202 S. Hwy. 69 & 75, Durant 580-931-8340
  • Holiday Inn Express
    2112 W. Main, Durant 580-924-8881
  • Markita Inn
    2401 W. Main, Durant 580-924-7676


  • Rex II
    Restored movie theater. Call 580-367-2000 for show times.
  • Indian Territory Museum and Library
    A free look into Caddo's rich heritage. Open Tues.-Sat. from 10am to 3pm
  • Craighead's
    This turn-of-the-century general store is a must see! Open: M-Th 'til 5:30 and F-Sat. 9:00-7:00.


  • Caddo Educational Foundation
    This group provides scholarships for community youth.
  • Caddo Civic and Cemetery Club
    This group maintains and improves the cemetery and provides community service as needed.
  • Town Restoration Association of Caddo
    The mission of TRAC is to provide visionary leadership, focus on historical preservation, and promote economic growth to enrich the quality of life in our community.
  • Caddo Community Association
    The CCA holds the annual Heritage Day Celebration and participates in other community projects.
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Elva Armstrong Auten

i remember so well your grandmother clara simmons, as she lived next door to my mother elma armstrong for many years. i recall many times as a child being in mrs simmons little house. we lived in the little house directly across the street from the baptist church, and mrs simmons lived next door east of us. the picture of her in your column brought back many memories as i recall her looking exactly like that.

forgive my typing in all small case, just a habit i've gotten into with "messenger". makes it faster, and i use messenger a lot "talking" to my brothers and sister.

i enjoy your columns in "the view from here" and in "caddo--my home town". i check in every few days to see what is new in them.

i'm impressed with everything that is going on in caddo to preserve heritage and history of the town. i was not able to attend heritage day last year as i was out of state for a family funeral, but certainly hope to be there this year.

thank you for the work you do to keep caddo citizens, past and present, up to date on all the happenings "at home".

elva auten

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